VR/AR Ideas

Designing the future of reality

I am excited by the promise of virtual and augmented reality. I have created many VR and AR concepts over the years and recently purchased an Oculus Rift to further prototype ideas. Below are some designs I built, and more are coming soon.

Fig1. - Augmented Reality Geolocation Ad.
Fig2. - Work from home VR idea.
Fig3. - A concept for using the Facebook Deepface API in an augmented reality app.
Fig4. - Virtual reality logistics track and trace.
Fig5. - Augmented reality car collector app idea.

Writings on VR and AR

A Day in Virtual Reality

I decided to splurge on an Oculus Rift, and a VR enabled laptop to understand the design paradigm of the virtual world. Here is what I learned.

A Guide to Creating a VR Experience in Unity

I distilled an 8 step guide to building a simple VR scene. You don’t need any prior VR design experience or knowledge of Unity.