Andrew Coyle is a product designer who resides in San Francisco

Design Writings

Typographic Hierarchy

Typography has to be considered from the beginning stages of the process in order to create a successful user flow.

Adding Hierarchy

There are many ways to achieve a visual hierarchy. Let's explore different ways to add direction to your design.

A Better Button

I created a button that requires a bit more work to press, but relinquishes the need to ask “are you sure.”

Typesetting & Your App

Typesetting may seem like a mundane aspect of design, but is one of the most important aspect of establishing good typography.

UI for UI’s Sake

The current theory of UI advocates that the best design is the least amount of design needed to accomplish a user’s goals.

Lean Advertising

Brand stories connect to the value systems of its target audience. These ideas have a much greater chance of being lost in the noise.

Exploring Grid Structures

Grids are limiting. I almost never use a grid in my design work until I have laid out the elements and content in a multitude of ways.

Google’s Material Design

Google launched its new design guidelines called Material Design. The initiative aimed at further developing its visual language.

Beyond User Experience

The last five years has brought a visual design awakening. Visual Design is now a driving success factor in digital products.

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