Andrew Coyle is a Product Designer

Andrew is the cofounder of Hey Healthcare, an insurance tech startup in San Francisco. He was formerly the founding designer at Flexport and an employee of Google and Intuit.

Featured Work

Designing Flexport

Reinventing a trillion dollar industry with software and building a design team.

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Designing Endpen

Designing an app that centralizes all projects, messages, invoices, etc.

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Designing OhApollo

Building a better design collaboration web app from idea to design to code.

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VR/AR Ideas

Exploring virtual and augmented reality through creating concept designs.

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Andrew grew up in Minneapolis Minnesota where he became involved in the local art community. He later attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and Marquette University where he received a BFA in communication design and minors in illustration and advertising.

Featured Writing

Design Better Forms

Forms are one of the most important components of the web, but often poorly designed. Learn the common mistakes designers make and how to fix them.

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Scaling a Design Team

Building a team in a startup is hard. Learn how I scaled the design organization at Flexport from myself to twelve designers over the last four years.

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Design Better Data Tables

The success of future industries will combine advanced data collection with a better user experience. Discover the ingredients of a successful data table UI.

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Leading Design in a Startup

I’ve distilled the top three lessons I’ve learned while leading design at Flexport. I hope this article will help designers in a similar situation survive the rollercoaster.

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Designing Confirmation

Users commit unintended havoc when the confirmation design pattern is employed erroneously or not at all. Learn how to mitigate these errors with better design.

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Forms for Complex Apps

The form — in its many manifestations — provide gateways for data input. Learn the different ways forms are presented to solve UX challenges in complex apps.

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Providing Better Feedback

The ability to give and receive substantive criticism—early and often—is an essential skill of a design manager. Learn a simple framework for providing critique.

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Hierarchy of Opportunity

Countless systems fall victim to misguided progress from short-sided contributions. Instead of employing reactionary solutions, learn how to find a problem's root.

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Design Better Cards

The card is a preview of more detailed content a user sees when actioned. It has become a symbol of our current digital paradigm. Learn how to design them better.

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Andrew has worked for numerous startups, agencies, and tech companies including Google, Flexport, Intuit, Laughlin Constable, and Cramer-Krasselt. He specializes in interaction and visual design as well as design leadership.

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